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I have been reading a lot of articles lately on food and why we are getting fatter as a human race. I have been especially interested in this since I made some choices that lead to me losing about half my body weight over the past few years.

Initially I began to look at what I was eating in terms of how it affected me from day to day.  I knew that what I was eating was making me feel less than good, so I chose to cut some things out to see how it went.  The results were impressive in terms of how I felt (awesome) and what happened to my body (also awesome).

But some of the choices I made were against what I had been told and educated in with regard to food. For example:

‘Bread is a staple and part of a balanced diet.’ – Yet bread gave me diarrhoea, bloating, cramps and candida.

‘Alcohol is a socially acceptable part of life.’ – Yet it gave me lower back pain, nausea and a sense of not being me at all; this would last for a day or more after I had drunk alcohol, yet it’s socially acceptable.

‘Milk, cheese and dairy are the building blocks for the body.’ – Yet it made my nose run constantly, gave me tinnitus and yet more diarrhoea.

‘Chocolate is a treat we can give ourselves as a reward for working hard and being good.’ – Yet after the initial 3 minute rush, it made me feel like I didn’t have a body at all, I was just numbed out and so happy to be numb! How was that a treat?

‘Fruit is part of a healthy diet.’ – Yet I had diarrhoea and got a more powerful sugar rush than I had ever had from chocolate.

‘Rice, corn, potatoes, pasta and other carbs are necessary to keep us going through the day, they stop us falling asleep mid afternoon.’ – Yet they rapidly turn to sugar in the bloodstream and will gaurentee to make you sleepy by 3pm, and they also gave me a sugar rush, bloating and diarrhoea.

All of this made me realise that what we are told about health/ food /weight was not necessarily the truth. If we reflect on  the state of our bodies in this world today, what are they telling us and how do we live in a world where cancer is 1 in 3, diabetes is the fastest growing disease on the face of the planet, illness and disease are out of control and more people are getting obese than at any other time in our history – doesn’t that say something about how we are living???

When are we going to wake up and listen to our bodies and what they are desperately trying to tell us?

We, the human beings on this planet, use and abuse our bodies filling them up with rubbish like a landfill site. Why? Agitation, stress and anxiety seem to make us eat more. Is it to fill ourselves with something when we feel we are not enough? Or do we push the body with running, extreme exercise regimes, overwork, overdrink and overeat  to numb out and not feel what is really going on? Do we fall for everything we are told by health experts and pharmaceutical companies because it’s apparently easier than having the sense to notice what impact our lifestyle, food and drink has on our body? But is living that way easier? Is it really easier to believe that it’s normal to drink every night so we don’t have to feel the obvious results of the way we are living day to day?

The news is full of what is happening in the food and drink industry and how we have consumed in the past couple of decades. For example:

  • Almost two-thirds of people rely on alcohol to relax in the evenings, the charity Drinkaware has warned. Drinkaware warns that alcohol might appear to aid stress but often makes things worse.

  • Dr William Davies, a preventative cardiologist who practises in the USA, reports in his new book ‘Wheat Belly’ that wheat is so bad for your health that it should carry a government health warning.

– The Guardian newspapers reports, ‘Sugar addiction is making our children fat.’ Smoking and alcohol dangers are known and regulated, so why are the risks posed by junk food not taken seriously?

can you turn this into a dot point like the others instead of the hyphen?

  • Why is our food making us fat? We are on average 3 stone heavier that we were in the 60’s. We have unwittingly become sugar addicts.

These are a mere few examples of the way the food and drink industries are being exposed , but perhaps we don’t want to listen as it may mean we will need to look at how we eat and drink?

Personally, I know how hard it can be to make the choice to change. We don’t like change, so much so that we want the easy-not-to-be-challenged lie over the inconvenient truth.


We would rather be consistently lied to than admit we have been fooled.

What about looking at why we eat the way we do? I started to look at why I used food, alcohol, coffee and stress to bury and hide from what I was feeling. I recall feeling scared of feeling, simply because it hurt and I worried I would get lost in that hurt and be stuck there. I found that healing the hurts did not mean getting lost, it meant getting myself back.

I did not do this alone, I had help to do this and it’s been a long journey and it continues to be an unfolding journey for me to listen to my body.

I would never have admitted to the fact that I lied to myself 

and numbed myself out of existence, 

until I stopped long enough to feel what was going on in my body. 



I was offered a reflection of what my life could be if I started to take responsibility. 

I am aware that I had invested so much of me in looking at what the world was telling me what I should do and what I should be. I constantly sought to be something for the world out there and ignored me inside and any connection with who I truly am inside.  If I didn’t meet what the world wanted of me, which was most of the time, I’d fall into self-loathing and beating myself up for not being enough.  It’s so easy to choose to do that.

Could the problem be that not one part of that world tells us we are awesome just for being ourselves, not one part of the world said:

You don’t have to do anything, you are great and beautiful just for being who you are in this world and we love you for your being  you.  

No one said:

What if the world inside of you surpassed anything the world outside could offer you? Look inside, you have it all there, you don’t have to do any thing to be wonderful, you don’t have to draw the best picture, run the fastest, be the best, have the fastest car, the nicest house, you are wonderful just being you.  Whatever you do when you are being you is wonderful anyway, as it’s you expressing the wonderful you.

Even though we didn’t get that as a child, we can acknowledge that we are grown up now and that we can parent ourselves, we can choose that and give that to ourselves every day. The rules are different now and we can make the choices to make and shape our own life.

If we keep choosing to give that to ourselves every day and choose to see that truth in us, then what can stop us? Only ourselves with some old patterns of behaviour that take us out if we so choose. And if they do take us out, then we’ll only keep falling for that until we come to and stop. It’s no biggie to trip up. We’ll do it until the day comes when we can hold steady the awesomeness that we are in this world, and this is work in progress.

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