I love this analogy and very true it is, relevant today more than ever. We are seeking to obliterate ourselves on food, drink and entertainment all to avoid the truth that we are so vastly much more than this that it’s laughable to consider the state we have become – at least it would be laughable if it were not so ludicrous.

The Truth about Serge Benhayon

Life is great, we are doing well, individually and as a species but yes, every so often it’s time for time out, a relaxing break by the beach, in the mountains, the wilderness or wherever our fancy takes us.

Out come the glossy brochures, up come the internet pages, we lend our ear to the tales of adventure, freedom and happiness from family members, colleagues and friends. Even complete strangers are drawn into our musings as we are eager to disseminate our excitement, anticipation and pride – hey, we can afford it and we have deserved it, right?

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