“What has happened has been a true transformation of our relationship from blame and resentment to a deepening of our love and appreciation.”……..

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What’s in a relationship, who leads, and how or with what do they lead?

I’ve been with my partner for 6 years and used to blame him for quite a list of things, such as not being emotionally supportive, not understanding me, and not giving me what I thought I needed. I pretended to accept things as they were, even though I was secretly fuming with a poisonous resentment that was eating away at me and draining my energy. Like some kind of self-appointed martyr I assumed that I was always the one leading the way, moving us forward, pulling us up. I kept going round and round in a never-ending maze of mental confusion, wondering how I could ‘solve’ our relationship, as if it were an emotional crossword, the key to which always felt just out of my reach. If only I could spend every hour while I was…

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I love this analogy and very true it is, relevant today more than ever. We are seeking to obliterate ourselves on food, drink and entertainment all to avoid the truth that we are so vastly much more than this that it’s laughable to consider the state we have become – at least it would be laughable if it were not so ludicrous.

The Truth about Serge Benhayon

Life is great, we are doing well, individually and as a species but yes, every so often it’s time for time out, a relaxing break by the beach, in the mountains, the wilderness or wherever our fancy takes us.

Out come the glossy brochures, up come the internet pages, we lend our ear to the tales of adventure, freedom and happiness from family members, colleagues and friends. Even complete strangers are drawn into our musings as we are eager to disseminate our excitement, anticipation and pride – hey, we can afford it and we have deserved it, right?

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I love this blog – “So, my dear and truly amazing body, I trust you can feel my absolute love, respect and appreciation I have for you – though I am sorry I may not always show it and live it, you know I’m working on it.”…..

The Truth about Serge Benhayon

Dear Body,

We have had 33 years together so far and I really just want to take the time to appreciate and thank you for everything you have done for me… despite my frustration with you in those times where you are not ‘complying’ with my wishes. I am really beginning to understand that you are helping me, getting my attention to let me know that the way I am living isn’t our natural way.

You have constantly communicated to me when things are not going so well and need to be looked at and have equally told me when I am on the right track. I must apologise for all the times I don’t listen to you when you are trying to get my attention: this must be hard work so I appreciate your patience and unwavering support.

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“We all lose with arrogance.”

The Truth about Serge Benhayon

by Priscila Azeredo de Souza, London, UK

I always considered arrogance as something ugly, but it was not until recently that I discovered how insidious and evil it actually is. Arrogance is a weapon, a mass destructive-one, discharging separation among us.

Arrogance has many faces. Up until recently I only perceived the ‘superiority’ side of it, but I am learning that it can also come with the ‘false humble’ (or ‘inferiority’) side as well. Bear with me and you will see what I am describing here.

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Truth is our first point of reflection, we feel truth and relate to the world from the truth we have accepted. The question is – are we chained by a norm that doesn’t serve us?

The Truth about Serge Benhayon

Have you ever noticed that every time you go to write an email, send a letter or complete a work task, how conditioned we have become to do a quick spell check – or our computers are ready to provide us with an array of blue, red and green underlines to highlight what doesn’t conform to the writing standards?

I do see the benefits as we may be focussed on getting our expression down and we can overlook or mis-spell words, but in recent months I have noticed that when I am editing my own or other people’s writing that the true expression that confirms what that person feels to write may not always fit the norm.

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“All one needs to do is look at the current levels of exhaustion, mental illness, disease, famine, poverty and war in the world to see that one may have the ability to regurgitate a million factoids and have 10 doctorate degrees, but he or she may not be one step closer to living a life filled with the love, harmony, stillness, joy and vitality that is our natural way. “……

The Truth about Serge Benhayon

While contemplating which tea to order at my favourite tea shop, I began to wonder about how we describe the taste of things and asked the owner how she would share what a certain tea tastes like, to which she replied, “If they asked for a Rooibos tea, for instance, I would say it pretty much tastes like, well, Rooibos!” I asked this question because what occurred to me is how we tend to use all kinds of descriptive words to describe things like how a tea tastes, such as ‘floral,’ ‘woody,’ ‘rich,’ ‘earthy,’ ‘smooth,’ ‘crisp’ and we can take on the subjective nature of these words as our truth in a way that removes the most accurate sensor of Truth that all of humanity has… the human body. 

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