Ariana Ray was writing an article on ‘Appreciation’ recently and whilst writing it she had a surprising experience. She looked at herself in the mirror when she was passing and was so blown away by what she saw, the words were out before she could stop them –

Oh my, I am so gorgeous I don’t know why this mirror isn’t bursting into flames’.

For Ariana, her appreciation of herself was not always this way.  She once struggled with self-loathing and low self-esteem, with anger and grouchiness, but these no longer feature in her life.

Ariana recognises just how important appreciation is in our lives and knows from her own experiences that life allows very little space for appreciation, of ourselves and of others, yet when it is given space, appreciation can support us to see life differently, to take care of ourselves and to value our selves. These qualities are essential for us all as we age from child to teenager and from adult to elderly.

Valuing and appreciating ourselves is crucial to good health and well being, it sets us up for a future we start living today.

Ageing starts young – for how we are today will impact enormously on our elder years.

Ariana is a 63 year old with 4 children and 7 grandchildren, she is gluten free, dairy free and sugar free. She takes care of her health and wellbeing, goes to bed around 9 pm, is deeply engaged in her local community with volunteering.  Ariana works full time as a Child Protection Social Worker and is working for the best employer she has ever worked for – and they absolutely love and value her. Ariana loves people, loves work and love life, she is vital and active and has deeply loving relationships with the people she lives with.  Ariana feels that her life is something she deeply appreciates.



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