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..we live in a world where we are energy first, and then material human beings, and the quality of the energy in which we do all these things matters enormously….

Anne Malatt on Life

We live life as if we are merely human and human life is merely physical, but deep down we have a nagging sense, a knowing even, that this is not true and that we are far more than we pretend to be.

We have experiences in life that give us a sense of the wonder, the mystery and the absolute beauty that is possible … when we hold a baby in our arms and drop our guard and feel how much we can love another being … when we truly open up to our lover and merge with them into oneness … when we meet someone for the first time and know we have known them before … when we look up at the stars and feel an old familiar feeling … a sense of connection, expansion and timelessness …

So why is it that we live a life where…

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