How do we deal with the challenges of being a doctor as we age?

We can grow old gracefully. Ageing does not have to be something to be shunned or feared or avoided by artificial means. It is happening to all of us, every day…..

Anne Malatt on Life

Doctors spend a long time training to be doctors. It takes at least 10-15 years to complete our training, which means we are usually in our thirties, at least, by the time we are ready to practise independently. Most of us love being doctors, and continue practising until quite late in life. I often wonder whether this is because we have spent so much time and energy training to be doctors that we don’t know what else to do! It is not uncommon to see doctors practising into their 70s and continuing to love their work. In a profession that advances with astonishing rapidity, it is a challenge to keep up to date with the vast amounts of information we need to know, about diseases, investigations and treatments, which continue to change and grow. So how do we deal with the challenges of being a doctor as we age?


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