Breathe your own breath

We always have a choice
We have a choice as to how we breathe and therefore how we feel…..

Anne Malatt on Life

Breathe your own breath … what on earth does that mean?

We breathe, in and out, all the time … but how aware are we of the quality of our breath and the effect that it has on the quality of our life?

We are not always conscious of our breathing, but whether we are aware of it or not, the way we breathe has a profound effect on us and how we feel.

If we are feeling anxious, our breath tends to become shallow and fast. If we are scared, we tend to hold our breath. If we feel sad, our breath can become sighing and forced. Breathing in these ways can actually reinforce how we feel and keep us stuck in an emotion or an old pattern of behaviour, and consciously changing the way we breathe can shift our moods and old ways.

We always have a choice

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