Caroline Raphael changed my life

caroline raphael

I have known Caroline Raphael for ten years – she changed my life. I was a deeply hurt and angry woman due to the abuse I experienced in my life, the anger dominated my life. I was angry about everyone God and the Universe for not rescuing me from abuse as a child. This anger affected my personal life, my relationships and my working life. In fact there was no area of my life that wasn’t affected.

I had been attending Universal Medicine workshops and healing courses, but anger was the one thing I would not let go of. Then I met Caroline Raphael. I shared with her that this one situation felt like it was taking over my life. There was a guy who I felt really angry at, I had a great story as to why I was justified in my anger, it was the best reason ever. Caroline asked me a question:

“Could it be that you are not angry at this man at all, but are really angry at your own choices and are using him as a scapegoat to blame for not making different choices in your life?”

 It felt like a bomb had gone off in my body – I was stopped in my tracks. I had lived with anger all my life and was sick of how it controlled me and here was someone suggesting that I am angry at myself not at anyone else at all, but angry at me and me alone

“And I could feel just how much this was the truth.”

 I was absolutely ready to hear the truth and ready to take responsibility for bringing healing to this anger.

I asked Caroline Raphael how I would deal with anger if it came up again. Caroline suggested that I see it as a shadow, which would come and visit for a while because I had relied upon anger for so long to get by. So when it came she suggested I see it as an illusion and unreal. Whenever I had these feeling come up, to say ‘you are not real, I am not choosing you’. After a while, these shadows stopped coming and I was clear of any remnants of anger.

Caroline Raphael supported me to see the truth and to step into self responsibility which improved my personal and work relationships and made family life a fun and light-hearted experience instead of being dominated by anger. This one meeting changed my life.

Thank you Caroline Raphael from the depths of my heart.

Ariana Ray







  1. This is gorgeous, Ariana and I agree, Caroline has an amazing ability to home in with just the right question to turn our lives around.

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  2. I agree Carmel, she seems to use a sixth sense to know what to ask and when, the result is always supportive and transformational.

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  3. Jennifer said:

    Caroline as a psychologist is straight up and very supportive at the same time. I have had one of those stop moments with her too which helped me see the part I was choosing to play.

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  4. bernadetteglass said:

    Caroline is a self confessed lover of humanity so everything she brings to her work and her relationships are in this context and purposefully aimed at supporting us to take true responsibility for ourselves. Your experience is a great example of this Ariana Ray.

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  5. This is a great testimonial of how to deal with emotions that are controlling us, very inspirational!!

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  6. Cristina said:

    I loved reading your story, Ariana. Simple, brief and to the point. Thank you for sharing it so beautiful. I shall sure be using it myself for anger or any other emotional impostors that come up, as I react easily at times. Much appreciated. Cristina xx

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  7. tricianicholson said:

    Wow Ariana what a revelation to get to. Taking responsibility for our choices is so empowering and life changing as you have experienced and what a great true support Caroline Raphael is to so many people ,seeing things from the truth of what is truly going on and sharing this is inspirational.


  8. Thank you for sharing Ariana, anger is something I used to try and hide, trying hard not to let it out, but it would come out in my voice and the words I used. It is interesting that when we are angry we can’t see past what it is that has made us angry, blaming the person or situation rather than stopping and looking at why we are angry. Caroline Raphael is great at supporting people to see what is going on underneath the emotions that can take over and control our lives.


  9. This is amazing Ariana…for how much do we think our emotions are controlling us rather than us controlling them. We project our emotions onto others wanting to blame them, when in fact it begins and ends with us all the time.


  10. Mary Adler said:

    This shows clearly that when we blame others for our anger it bounces back with twice the force but when we take responsibility for the cause of the anger we can choose to let it go and be free of it.


  11. Stephanie Stevenson. said:

    Awesome blog Ariana – Nowadays, I am finding that the key is in the way any question is posed and this will either expose the blame or lie for what it is and bring truth to our living or keep us locked into the same old cycle of anger, frustration etc. A beautiful and true appreciation of Caroline Raphael and the clarity and love she brings to her work.


  12. Dean Pirera said:

    That was such a beautiful article Ariana and I loved reading how Caroline was such a great support for you. It is good to know that there are people like Caroline out there who we can go to and entrust with very personal things to us… Things that are sometimes very hard to share with even the closest people around us but do nevertheless need to be ironed out and let go of.


  13. Beverley Croft said:

    It is amazing that the anger we feel against someone else, when we feel deeply into it, is actually anger against ourselves e.g. for letting us get into a situation in the first place. Caroline Raphael is so great at helping us to get to the nub of the problem to see the truth of a situation in a completely different light.


  14. Judith Andras said:

    This is amazing and your life has truly changed – I mean look at you, you look stunning!


  15. Thank you so much for sharing Ariana, definitely something I can use to get rid of my reactions out of frustration : – )


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