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I have known Caroline Raphael for ten years – she changed my life. I was a deeply hurt and angry woman due to the abuse I experienced in my life, the anger dominated my life. I was angry about everyone God and the Universe for not rescuing me from abuse as a child. This anger affected my personal life, my relationships and my working life. In fact there was no area of my life that wasn’t affected.

I had been attending Universal Medicine workshops and healing courses, but anger was the one thing I would not let go of. Then I met Caroline Raphael. I shared with her that this one situation felt like it was taking over my life. There was a guy who I felt really angry at, I had a great story as to why I was justified in my anger, it was the best reason ever. Caroline asked me a question:

“Could it be that you are not angry at this man at all, but are really angry at your own choices and are using him as a scapegoat to blame for not making different choices in your life?”

 It felt like a bomb had gone off in my body – I was stopped in my tracks. I had lived with anger all my life and was sick of how it controlled me and here was someone suggesting that I am angry at myself not at anyone else at all, but angry at me and me alone

“And I could feel just how much this was the truth.”

 I was absolutely ready to hear the truth and ready to take responsibility for bringing healing to this anger.

I asked Caroline Raphael how I would deal with anger if it came up again. Caroline suggested that I see it as a shadow, which would come and visit for a while because I had relied upon anger for so long to get by. So when it came she suggested I see it as an illusion and unreal. Whenever I had these feeling come up, to say ‘you are not real, I am not choosing you’. After a while, these shadows stopped coming and I was clear of any remnants of anger.

Caroline Raphael supported me to see the truth and to step into self responsibility which improved my personal and work relationships and made family life a fun and light-hearted experience instead of being dominated by anger. This one meeting changed my life.

Thank you Caroline Raphael from the depths of my heart.

Ariana Ray







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When I was nine years old my family joined a cult my uncle started. My uncle (the cult leader) was a well known and respected medical doctor practising in Melbourne who decided his time would be better spent inciting fear, intimidation and paranoia amongst a group of people who were lost and searching for an escape from life. When I reflect on this time it brings up such feelings of paralysing fear, debilitating confusion and total lack of self – this is true abuse. I remember my uncle used to say he was higher up than Jesus.

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