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A great blog about #walking – Fitting in was not worth sacrificing the beauty of my walk and the easy grace in my body.

via The Power of True Surrender.


The Truth about Universal Medicine

From a young age it seems our only real directive is to get on and do well at school: get a good job, buy a house and get married, build a family and go on holidays, eat out, and generally succumb to life.

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Breaking news – The body IS intelligent! Read all about it here!

Medicine and Serge Benhayon

by Dr Rachel Hall B.Ch.D (Uni Leeds), LDSRCS(Eng), MACNEM, Holistic Dentist, Brisbane, Australia

We traditionally are taught to think of the brain or the ‘head’ as being the intelligence of the body, communicating with the body and telling it what to do. Yet the body is in fact a massive network of nerve and energy pathways that communicate with one another, sending signals and instructions from one part of the body to another, cell by cell. Information travels to the brain from the body and from the body to the brain. We know that the brain sends signals to the body, but have you ever stopped to consider that your body may actually be communicating with YOU, sending you subtle messages and information for you to respond to?

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