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I have been wondering… why do we send ‘season’s greetings’? 


Is it a time when….

Everyone likes to make things ‘right’

‘All’s well with one and all’? 

When ‘peace reigns’?

When everyone gets on with their loved ones and their neighbours?

When we remember what life is all about?

When we put glitz and tinsel to brighten up our winter days?


Is it more truthful to say it’s a time when…..

….We spend copious amounts of money to try and ‘make things right’ and ‘to make them happy’?

….We stop and recognise that we love and respect each other once a year – just because it’s Christmas?

….We over ride everything we feel to fit in and make it easy for others?

….We try to look like a Walt Disney family because we hold that as the ideal Christmas?

….We use Santa as an ideal of ‘good cheer’ and ‘Ho ho ho’ to cover up that we really feel is it’s opposite?


What if….

We committed to loving and nurturing ourselves so we then have love to give to other’s all year round?

What if we were true to how we feel inside……and were able to respect that first and foremost and 

didn’t over-ride it – even when it made others feel uncomfortable?

What if Walt Disney was lying???!!


What if we all have this amazing place inside of us that is untouched by Walt Disney or any other ideal???


We could, for Christmas andfor every day ………..

……Not leave it there inside but…

…Bring it out! Share it! Show how it can be for every single day!


So here’s some….

…Joy-full-every-single-day-of-the-year-greetings ……. to one and all equally

With love always



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